I love to speak about my passions increasing peoples power with mathematics and mathematics as a human endeavor. You can find out more about me and my work on the About page. I have given talks to small audiences and large audiences, and I am a dynamic and entertaining speaker. I can talk to your organization or school about

  • Creating a classroom culture that empowers both students and teachers
  • Dealing with shame in school settings
  • How parents can help their children mathematically, even if they struggle with math
  • How to bring art into the mathematics classroom
  • Using mathematics to address human concerns, and the human side of mathematics
  • Using mathematics to improve decision-making
  • Helping students and teachers to become mathematical leaders

I can also lead interactive workshops for students and teachers that bring art and design into mathematics, that introduce applications of math that move beyond word problems, and that develop classroom cultures that allow students and teachers to take risks and tackle challenges.

If you are interested in booking me to energize and support faculty and students, email me at liberationmath@gmail.com.


-Angela Vierling-Claassen

Math Options Career Day 7

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