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Liberation Math Week 4: Making, Doing, Activism

The theme of this week is making, doing, and activism. We touched on this a lot on Mondays class, and I wanted to bring you a variety of resources. Think about how the people involved in the sites and posts below are being makers, doers, and activists:

Wed love you to join in the discussion, so please comment below on anything that comes up for you in this list, check out the list of tasks for this week, and check out Johns wrap-up of the class from last week. You can also see blog posts from the class on the right sidebar and interact with us on Twitter you can follow all of us at once on at

2 thoughts on “Liberation Math Week 4: Making, Doing, Activism

  1. Thank you for gathering all these resources in context. Ive been enjoying these posts as they arrive, but its particularly nice to see applications for math that intrigue me enough, as an inveterate tinkerer/overactive imagination on legs, to focus around the dyscalculia.

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