One thought on “The Learning that I Value is

  1. Hey Angela, I can see a lot of elements in common with what I ended up thinking learning that fundamentally empowers people to be who they want to be is my kind of learning too:)

    Not sure if MOOCs are the solution to set the mathematician free in all of us ;) but one way I can see some of them may help is by allowing to try things out in private things which we may find difficult and potentially embarrassing. This should work in an xMOOC context which I personally found rather anonymous and safe would it work equally well within the open, community structure of a cMOOC? Would it not leave our ignorance fully exposed to others in the community whose opinion we value?

    BTW totally amazed by your blog (not a mathematician but ALWAYS trying to work out why and how this I am bad at maths thing actually happensand how to get around it at the college level) Liberation Math is on my reading list from now on!


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